A film that is being released on Netflix this Friday is set in the Hudson Valley.

While lots of movies are being filmed in our area, not many of them actually take place here. That's why it's pretty cool that a new Netflix film is set in Poughkeepsie. Otherhood, directed by Sex and the City writer Cindy Chupack, tells the story of three wealthy older women living in Poughkeepsie who attempt to repair their relationships with their sons.

The film featuring Angela Bassett, Patricia Arquette and Felicity Huffman was slated to hit Netflix on Mother's Day weekend. But after Huffman's involvement in the college admission scandal, that date was pushed back to August. Huffman is a Westchester resident, so it's not a stretch for her to play a rich parent from the Hudson Valley.

The three actresses play mothers of adult children who all grew up in Poughkeepsie. They've all known each other since their children were six, and live in huge, expensive mansions, enjoying the Poughkeepsie social scene. Did we mention this was a comedy?

The children have all moved away to New York City and now the Housewives of Poughkeepsie feel like their children are neglecting them. After sharing their tales of woe during an annual Mother's Day brunch, they decide to take a road trip to Manhattan and confront their offspring.

While the film does take place in Poughkeepsie, it doesn't appear that the movie was actually filmed here, aside from some cutaway shots of the Hudson River. Reviews of the film are mixed, with The Hollywood Reporter calling it "A banal, by-the-numbers waste of three first-rate actresses." While it may not be the most entertaining film, it may be worth a watch just to get a glimpse of the high society of Poughkeepsie that we are all so familiar with.

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