There's a new Deputy with the Ulster County Sheriff's Office. His name is Cody and he walks on all 4's.

Deputy Cody is a Therapy K9 and has trained with Paws & Stripes College in Eastern Florida. The program, which was introduced back in 2015, works with rescue dogs " to help people with special needs in the community."

After pups graduate from the program, according to the Eastern Florida University website, they will be certified "as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) dogs, therapy dogs, child victim advocate dogs, dogs to assist in computer crimes and crimes against children investigations, and dogs that can detect epileptic seizures in children."

According to the Ulster County Sheriff's Office, Cody the therapy dog is trained to help children and adults alike. They explain in a Facebook post:

Therapy K9s are used to help children with behavioral and emotional disabilities, to stimulate cognitive response, and to increase positive social interactions. They are used for Veterans/First Responders with anxiety in public places, to reduce symptoms of PTSD, and to increase undisturbed sleep.

Deputy Cody will join Deputy Lillian Tuey at the office and when he's off duty he will also reside with Deputy Tuey.

Recently, the Ulster County Sheriff's Office announced the retirement of one of their top K-9s, K-9 Farrell.

Ulster County Sheriff's Office
Ulster County Sheriff's Office

K-9 Farrell had been with the Ulster County Sheriff's Office since 2015 and had been credited with "over twenty-five successful tracks of missing persons and twelve criminal apprehensions." The K9 was named after Sergeant Shawn M. Farrell II of Accord, who died in the line of duty while serving in Afghanistan back in 2014.

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