When I was younger and growing up in the Hudson Valley you never heard about anyone spotting an American Bald Eagle flying over head while they were out walking a trail. Now a days you can spot an eagle in many places around the valley. Just last month I had the amazing opportunity to spot one flying over head while I was golfing in New Paltz at Apple Greens golf course. Before that I had seen one or two sitting in a tree along the Wallkill.

Eagle spotting is fun but not always easy that is why I was glad to see that the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Ulster County recently shared on their Facebook page that spotting eagles at the Ashokan is rather easy. Apparently, you can walk a long the trails and the reservoir to spot eagles over head search for food. They even refer to the eagle as a common resident of the Ashokan Watershed.

If you are looking for something exciting to do this weekend with your family or friends why not go eagle spotting on the Ashokan. This could also be the perfect outing for you and the kids one day while you are looking for something to break up all the virtual learning.

There are many places in the Hudson Valley that you can go eagle spotting but it sounds like you will have a really good chance to spot one of these beautiful birds of prey while visiting the Ashokan. To learn more about spotting eagles at the Ashokan click here for more information.

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