There is one place in most Hudson Valley towns that says a lot about the type of town you are in. Honestly, I think it could quite possibly be the most important thing in the community, especially if you like to eat out.

The local diner!!!

Yes, the diner is the one place you can visit and really get a "vibe" about the area you are standing in. I lived in Fishkill for many years and two of my favorite places for meals were the 84 Diner and the Red Line Diner. Anytime I would go and eat at either location I would always run into someone I knew. I would always play a little game with my kids every time we went to eat. We called "who does daddy know?". Without fail every time, it would be someone different...LOL!

Does Your Town Have a Diner?

Wherever you are reading this, take a second and think about the town you are in...does it have a local diner? I know our friends in Kerhonkson in Ulster County did have a diner for a while but now it looks like it is closed down.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Kerhonkson Diner

The Kerhonkson Diner located at 6315 Route 209, Kerhonkson, NY was a popular place for anyone in the area to grab a quick meal but now it seems that they have recently closed down permanently. I personally have never been to the diner but I do think I drove past a few times. I think the sign out front said something like "Come Home" or something like that.

Anyway, after seeing a few friends on Facebook asking about the status of the diner I thought I would look into what happened. After trying for a few weeks to get in touch with someone at the diner, unfortunately, I haven't been able to connect with anyone. I've called their phone number and it's disconnected, I searched for the diner online and it said they have closed, but with no explanation.

If you have any information as to what happened to the Kerhonkson Diner please let us know through the Wolf country app.

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