Not only can you get a ride, but you can shop along the way.

It's pretty safe to say Uber has made life a lot simplier. Uber is now partnering with Cargo (a startup) and they plan on giving riders a whole new experience.

Yeah...I never need an excuse to shop so this could get dangerous.

According to Tech Crunch, riders can download the app and scan the QR code which is on the Cargo Box in the driver's car. A soon as the ride begins, passengers have access to tons of shopping. Anything they purchase will automatically be shipped to their homes in 2-5 business days.

The Cargo app will also provide riders with some in-car entertainment. Having the app allows the option to purchase movies and even when your ride is done you still have access to it.

Sounds pretty relaxing if you ask me.

The benefit from all of this is Uber riders will get 10% of their purchase back in Uber Cash. The drivers also get some perks, when a passenger makes their first purchase, the driver earns $1.

Woah woah woah...getting money back to shop, SIGN ME UP!



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