Have you ever realized or thought to yourself that you are not thirsty or want to drink water until you can't have it? Imagine being a student, trying to make it through a day of school, finally getting to be in school, wearing your mask like you are supposed to and all you want is a quick drink of water?

This is what is now happening at two schools in Dutchess County, NY. The schools that have had to tell staff, faculty and students that they 'can't drink' the water are Dover Middle School and High School. 

Why have they been told that they can't drink the water? The State of New York and the County of Dutchess have said it is because of high levels of PFOA and PFOS's. The high levels were discovered during a routine pro-active test.

What are these things? PFOA is perfluorooctanoic acid and PFOA is perfluorooctane sulfonate. Two sets of words that are not super easy for a regular person to be able to pronounce, but also ones that can affect the health of people who consume them, even in small amounts.  At this time the school has been told to stop using the water for cooking, drinking and washing dishes.

According to a press release, that while not a great deal is known about the effects of long term consumption in people:

High dose studies in animals indicate that PFOA, PFOS and PFHxA can cause a wide range of health effects with the most consistent findings being effects on the liver and immune system and impaired fetal growth and development.

While the State and the County work to get the levels below the acceptable amounts, bottled water will be brought in for the kids and staff to use and they will be notified when the water is safe to drink again.

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