Have you seen the people on social media saying that Bed, Bath & Beyond has a candle recycling program? At first I thought, that this was genius. I already use a bunch of my old candle jars to hold other things, throughout the house, why not take my extra empties back to the store?

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Don't most people already do that with soda cans? Return the cans and get the deposit back? Let's return our old empty candle jars and get a discount on new ones, (like the empty printer cartridges at Staples) or just do something good for the environment. Sounds like a perfect plan. So perfect, I was already starting to pick out the new candle scents in my brain.

So, Does Bed, Bath & Beyond really have a candle recycling program?

No, Bed, Bath & Beyond does not have a recycling program for candles. What were the people talking about online? On Facebook and TikTok? Well, people were talking, essentially, about how they 'worked' the return policy at Bed, Bath and Beyond to bring back candles (that they said were defective) to return the candle that they had purchased and get a brand new candle without having to pay any additional money.

So why do people call this recycling? They are candles? Can you do that?

The people online were referring it to as 'recycling.'  I can see if there was an issue with the wick, or the candle had a legitimate defect. Not sure exactly (other than a wick issue) what could be wrong with a candle, but is this an abuse of a company's return policy?

Do customers abuse the Bed, Bath & Beyond return policy?

Should people be allowed to do this? Or is this the reason that people shop at one particular store, because they know that they can manipulate the policies to benefit them?

Looking to hear more from both sides, feel free to comment here or on our app. Is this a good thing for the consumer? Or just a way to abuse a store?

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