Have we been down this road with you before Val?  Why yes, yes we have...

I turn superfan mode when i'm in the presence of most celebrities, especially the ridiculously handsome ones, yes i'm talking specifically about Gavin Rossdale from Friday night's WRRV summer concert at Bethel Woods.

I've been working in radio long enough that I should really be able to control myself by now, but this was NOT the case Friday night when Nick and I walked off stage after introducing BUSH, and I nearly walked right into Gavin, and the rest of the band, and completely geeked out, jaw on the floor, no words coming out as I stood there and simply stared.  This picture was moments before, but i'd imagine my face looked a little something like this...

Crash-N-Burn Event Pix

After leaving Nick and heading back to my seat I had a pretty good scream with my friends and then calmed myself down enough to enjoy the show --- until part 2 of "the freakout" happened as Gavin went into the crowd and around the pavilion.  As he made his way to where we were sitting, I got up and headed towards him, put out my hand, he grabbed it, I fan-girled, lost track of time and space for a moment, and went back to my seat and received the following message from my best friend who was sitting in a different area of the pavilion:


Excuse me, what?

Apparently, our interaction was on the big screens, and I didn't even notice what had happened while I momentarily passed out while touching his hand.  A few friends who were at the show chimed in and said it happened, and many of my fellow 30-something girlfriends expressed their jealousy on social media over the weekend after I shared the experience, one citing she would have peed her pants - girl, I almost did (no shame in this fan-girl game).



So Gavin, thanks for making my night, well, my summer, maybe even my career - this job certainly isn't easy, but somebody has to do it :)

Do you have any celebrity encounter stories that you care to share?