I have such an appreciation for all the historical sites within the Hudson Valley. My sister loves to adventure and find historical markers and learn about the background of our surrounding areas. She has made me more curious about all the monumental things that have taken place in the Hudson Valley. We have traveled to the Vanderbilt Mansion, the home of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Val-Kill which was Eleanor Roosevelt’s home.

Let’s check out these historical sites right in our backyard (ish).

Eleanor Roosevelt National Historic Site, Val-Kill

Upon arriving on a warm summer day, my sister and I were truly excited to be there. On site, there were gardens, houses and barns and an old swimming pool. We were able to watch a clip of her life and the impact she had within the world. This site was built in 1925 and was Eleanor’s own sanctuary.

We were able to tour her home with had bright colors and different shades of pink. My favorite par about her home was her chair. She would meet with important businessmen and politicians across the world and always made sure that her seat was higher than her visitors. Being the first lady, she had many responsivities but took time to see what truly mattered in the world. The outside of her home consisted of streams, nature, and picnic areas. Learn more about Val-Kill here.

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s home

I truly feel like Hyde Park is the home to President Roosevelt. Upon arriving in Hyde Park, there are plenty of signs welcoming visitors to his area. I think it’s amazing that such a prominent figure within the world lived in the Hudson Valley. Upon arriving, the property was so big and spacious. There were gardens and even a burial place on site of FDR and his parents. There were barns that horses used to live in and of course, the main house. It truly felt like we took a step back into time with all the Victorian décor. This site is about 300 acres and is truly stunning in the summer. Find out more here.

Vanderbilt Mansion National Historic Site

To be honest, this site was one of my favorites. As soon as I walked into the Vanderbilt Mansion, I could picture myself living in that time. This home was occupied by one of the first families on America wealth. The view behind the mansion of the Hudson River is stunning. Upon the guided tour, I learned so much especially about the family members, their parties and summer gatherings when they left New York City. There was a beautiful and huge staircase leading to the second floor with a red carpet. The French tapestries and marble throughout the home truly gave it that rich feel. The Vanderbilt Mansion was passed down throughout generations with the last owner of Frederick who left the home to his wife’s niece in which the house was then entered into the National Park Service. Check out visiting hours here.

I’m thankful that these sites were preserved, and we can visit them today. It’s important to remember, learn and gain knowledge about the Hudson Valley but also the leaders who helped shape the way.

Have you ever been to these sites? Will you visit them? Share your opinions below.

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