After being separated due to COVID-19 Today Show hosts are reuniting and hosting parts of the show from "Upstate New York."

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In Mid-March,  Today Show co-anchor Savannah Guthrie started working from home. It started off out of an abundance of caution after she got sick.

Guthrie continued to broadcast the show from her home's basement. In early April, she gave a little clue of where she is, saying she was staying with her family "upstate" and broadcasting from home.

Guthrie didn't say where her home is. But she did say she's sticking to the city less and less. In 2017, she told People she has a home in Rhinebeck.

Guthrie's coworker, Al Roker has also been broadcasting from the region. Roker owns a home in Columbia County and has been doing his weather reports and other segments from his Hudson Valley home.

Tuesday morning, the two will be reunited in Hudson.

"As cities reopen across the country, Savannah and Al come together live in Upstate New York to take a closer look at the region's hard-hit community of small businesses are bouncing back and getting creative on the road to recovery," a promo for Tuesday's broadcast says.

Roker posted on his Facebook writing he and Guthrie will be doing the Today Show and 3rd Hour of TODAY live from Hudson. The two will also be filming scenes from Olana State Historic Site.

"Can’t wait to reunite with @alroker and show off this beautiful neck of the woods!" Guthrie tweeted Monday night.

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