Salt can be dangerous if it gets inside your house.

As we deal with yet another snow and ice storm here in the Hudson Valley, one of the things I can't stand about this time of year is tracking all of that salt, deicer stuff all over my apartment. It gets everywhere, so to prevent it from happening I found some ways to avoid getting that nasty, sometimes dangerous stuff into your house.

The easy solution is to make sure you stomp your feet off outside the door and then take your shoes or boots off before you go in. According to the website DNA INFO, you can take them off and put them into a plastic bag and then take them into the house.

If you have wood floors at home, remember that the water and salt can ruin your floors really quick, so most recommend that you get a boot tray for the entrance to your house so when you come in, you can take off your snowy, salty boots, put them in the tray and the tray will hold the water so it doesn't run all over your floors.

If you don't have a boot tray, you can always use a cookie sheet to put your shoes on until they dry off. Just remember to clean the cookie sheet before you bake another round of holiday cookies.

Also remember if you have any pets at home, the salt stuff can be dangerous for them especially if you take them outside for walks. According to the ASPCA, the ice melting crystals can stick to your pets paws and as the ice begins to melt, they say the heat can irritate and even burn them. An easy solution to protect your cat or dog is to put booties on them for walks in winter weather.

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