We are about to get a real blast of cold air. This weekend will most likely be the coldest weekend we have had this winter. The National Weather Service has the Hudson Valley dipping into the single digits over night and only hanging around in the mid 20's for a high during the day. It is going to be a cold weekend.

So what can we do to stay warm? A couple of things come to mind for me so I thought I would share my plans.

First thing is to find all the warmest clothes you own. Jackets, sweaters even sweat shirts can be a big help when you need to bundle up.

Joyce Grace

Second thing is to find the warmest room in the house and make sure you have what you need to hang out in there for as long as you want.

Catherine Yeulet / ThinkStock

Third is one of my favorites, hooey gooey food that is rich in calories and is sure to keep your tummy full so you will have lots of energy to fight off the cold.


The next few tips are for if you have to go out to do something.

Make sure you warm up the car. Even though you aren't suppose to keep your car running while you not in it, warming up the car is a must in single digit temperatures.


Another good idea if you have to head out is making sure you are covered up. Mittens or gloves, a hat and a scarf are all important. You don't want to have any skin exposed when it is 5 degrees outside.


Hopefully Spring is on the way. We will get the word on Tuesday from the ground hog but between now and then we must stay warm in this weekend's deep freeze so plan to stay home, stay warm and whatever you do don't leave you pets outside.

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