How quickly--or slowly--the Mid-Hudson Region moves through all four phases of the reopening plan depends on a number of factors.

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In an exclusive interview on WPDH, Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro announced the Mid-Hudson Region officially entered Phase 1 of the four-phase reopening. A few hours later, Gov. Andrew Cuomo confirmed the Mid-Hudson Region has reopened.

Shortly after Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus said he had a call with the governor's office and was given a timeline of when the region should hit the next three phases.

  • Phase 2: June 9
  • Phase 3: June 23
  • Phase 4: July 7

"The governor did mention that the dates are rule of thumb two weeks apart," Neuhaus said. "He will make adjustments if the numbers go down or go up. So the numbers go down we would open sooner. If the numbers go up those phases could be pushed back."

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Molinaro noted on WPDH it might not be 14 days in between phases.

"It is basically (if) the numbers stay where they are and we're meeting the expectations, the benchmarks, these phases can move a bit quicker," Molinaro said. I suspect we're talking between seven and 14 days between those phases."

Molinaro believes 14 days between each phase is the worst-case scenario, but residents should be prepared to wait two weeks for each phase.

"We've said all along that you should be prepared for at worst 14 days between those phases," he said. "As long as those numbers plateau and stay low. I think you'll see the phases move quickly."

Cuomo has noted a region's reopening will be shut down if there's a new spike in COVID-19 cases.

Phase 1 means more construction, manufacturing, trade, fishing and hunting can reopen, while retail stores can offer curbside or in-store pickup. Phase 2 is retail, real estate and finance. Phase 3 will allow restaurants and hotels to reopen. And Phase 4 includes entertainment venues and schools.

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