I'm just in complete shock that it is not New York City. Have you had a bad experience in the city?

Driving is a privilege not a right. I often question how a lot of people on the roads today even got that privilege in the first place. New York has its fair share of bad drivers but surprisingly we don't have the worst. According to NBC New York, as of May of this year we actually had the best in the nation. It's hard to believe but just because you see someone driving like a jerk on the Taconic doesn't mean that we're all bad.

We might not have bad drivers but what about the most rude drivers?

That might be a different case entirely.

Car Crash Face

From my personal experience I would have thought that the rudest city for drivers would have easily been Manhattan.

I was about three hours off on that guess.

According to Insurify, the rudest city in the state for drivers is an unlikely one. How did they determine the winner? They compiled the most recorded incidents that include tailgating, passing over a solid line, not yielding, street racing, and even hit and runs.

Drum roll...

Google Maps
Google Maps

Schenectady was determined to be the rudest city for drivers in New York.

Not only were drivers in Schenectady deemed to be the most inconsiderate they were almost 40% more rude than New York's statewide average.

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