Do you love the 80's so much that you can look at the above car and instantly know what it is? Maybe you think first of the movie trilogy, 'Back to the Future.'

The car is the dream of John Delorean, known simply as "The Delorean." While in a movie this car made it possible to travel back in time and also into the future, is it possible to get your hands on one of these today? Maybe make your youthful dreams come true?

Living in the Hudson Valley, I have spotted one in Poughkeepsie. I have seen the owner uncover it during the summer, park it in their driveway, but I have never seen it on the road being driven.

Looking around, I have found Deloreon New York owners groups on Facebook, as well as a few people who are selling them, starting at a low price of about $8,000 to the time machine versions going for around $52,000. If you are looking to just have one around for a special occasion, there is even a business that will rent them. Yep and deliver it to you almost anywhere in the State of New York.

Have you actually seen a Deloreon in person? Of the originally produced cars, which was 1981 and 1982, of the 8,000 or so produced, less than half are still on the road today.

If you have ever seen one in person, please, please share those photos. Did you get to ride in it? Or just admire it from a far?

There is a new version of Delorean Motor Company and they are working on producing (in very limited numbers) replicas of the original car. No word as to if they will ever be sold in New York.

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