A pole with phrases written in foreign languages is sitting in a popular Hudson Valley playground. What is it doing there?

The large white post seems oddly out of place, sticking out of the ground within sight of the playground at Bowdoin Park in Wappingers Falls. It's located just far enough away to make out some sort of writing on it, but impossible to read without getting closer. The post is in a spot that you'd have no reason to go towards unless you're really curious to find out what is written on it.

On a recent trip to the playground with my son, curiosity finally got the best of me so I trotted over to the giant white stick to see what it was doing there. As I got closer I noticed writing in all sorts of foreign languages up and down each of its four sides. Finally, after moving to the far side of the pole I noticed the phrase in English. It read "May Peace Prevail On Earth."

A. Boris

After trying to find any other markings that would shed light on where the pole came from I saw a small plaque on the base that reads "The Peace Pole Project."  The organization makes peace poles and encourages people to plant them in their communities to help spread the message of peace.

There was very little information available as to where this particular peace pole came from, but after some searching I came across a Facebook post from the Blue Star Equiculture group, who claim to have planted the pole at Bowdoin Park back in 2014 during World Peace and Prayer Day. The event featured 10 horses who lead Indigenous Elders and Tribal Leaders to a ceremony with members of the United Nations and other groups to dedicate the pole.

A. Boris

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