The NRA has been registered in New York since the 1800s but that could change soon after a string of legal battles with the Attorney General, Letitia James.

The debate on gun ownership in America has been a hot topic for discussion for decades and it's not an easy conversation to have. It's difficult to even say that the nation is divided in half on the subject as there are many different beliefs on how the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution should be enforced or regulated. You have some people who believe that no one should own firearms, there are some who believe that citizens should have limited access and others who believe that U.S. citizens should have access to similar firepower as the United States military or even local law enforcement.

Americans have been all over the map on the subject for years and that especially holds true for the state of New York. Many New Yorkers believe in strict gun regulations but According to Thought Co, as of February of 2020 there were almost 83,000 registered guns in New York. If that number seems low it's because it is. Not all firearms need to be registered in every state according to the National Firearms Act. A study from Brookings estimates that there are 400 million guns in circulation in our country and around 19 million were sold in the first six months for 2020 alone. The National Rifle Association fights for the advocacy of the millions of gun owners all over America.

You may not have known this but since 1871, the NRA has been a registered 501(c) not for profit organization out of New York. That could all change very soon.

According to a press release from the New York attorney general, The National Rifle Association filed for bankruptcy protections and that they would also look to transferring their non profit status to Texas.

This past summer, the NRA was hit with several lawsuits on behalf of New York State.

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