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As a parent, you often hear conflicting stories about various stages of childhood, right? Some people claim "oh it gets easier as they get older," while others are quick to tell you, "girl, age 3 is worse than 2, and 4 doesn't look too promising either." I'm currently in year 4 with my little girl, and as of now, I lean more towards it not getting better, before it gets a little worse, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite "mom hack" products that have helped me conquer the terrible twos, threenager years, and ferocious fours (or, as we so lovingly refer to the current stage, little f'er fours...).

In no particular order, my recommendations for must-haves to get you through these confusing times of toddler growth and development:

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Contigo Water Bottles

Go for the multi-pack, you'll thank me later.  I've found these to be the easiest to clean, they don't leak like some of the other ones do, and they last.

Paint With Water Activity Books

Game-changer!  These books have little watercolor paint built into the pages and makes for easy activity time and even easier cleanup.  Along the same lines...

Water Wow Books

These are great, especially for the car.  There are so many different designs, and educational ones with letter practice.

Car Organizer

If you don't want your car to look like tornado went through it, having something to organize the chaos that was once your back seat is essential.

Yum Earth Lollipops

For those moments when you just need something to calm the impending storm. They're organic, vegan, and I don't feel guilty giving them to my kid to avoid a meltdown. I have this one on subscription.

Anything on your must-have list that you want me to include in the future?  Always looking for survival must-haves from fellow parents.