Earlier this month the groundhogs checked in with the news that Spring is on the way but now I see that we have winter weather moving in for early this week and I am starting to think that the little critters could be wrong. The only thing I could think of was to consult the Farmer's Almanac to see what it had to say about our upcoming weather and well, it's not a great forecast.

The 2019 Long Range Forecast for Poughkeepsie according to the Almanac has us expect a few more winter weather events and the temperatures don't seem to average about 40 degrees. I fear the 60 degree days could still be months away. As a matter of fact if you check the forecast you will see they mention snow 5 times between now and the end of march.

I am not expecting beach weather but I was hoping for a few more of those days in the mid 50's with the sun shining. I am not really looking forward to what the next 48 hours is sending our way. We just got the last pile of snow to melt and we are going to start it all over again.

The real issue about all of this is not so much the cold or even the snow. I get it we live in New York in the Winter. What bothers me is that everytime we get snow and then it melts we get to encounter "Snow Mold". It is a real thing and you would be surprised how many people are allergic to it, me being one of them.

If it is going to snow then I want it to stay covering the ground until it melts for good. This get snow then it melts then it snows then it melts again can't be healthy for anyone.

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