A new and quite exciting spot in the Village of New Paltz is set to open this Saturday, November 2nd at 6:00pm with live jazz music and plenty of refreshments.

Located at 9 North Chestnut Street, The Coffee Bar will be open every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 6pm until 9pm featuring live music and poetry readings, and get this, free coffee, espresso drinks, and homemade cookies, that's right, FREE.  Though the food and beverages will be complimentary, tips for service will be welcome.

A little history behind The Coffee Bar, in speaking with Tim Keiderling:

The Coffee Bar is opening in the same location as what was formerly Chestnut Street Connections.  It continues to be a project of the Bruderhof Communities Church located in Rifton, NY.  Bruderhof Communities has a long history of engagement with New Paltz.  We volunteer at public events whenever we can; doing things like cooking lunch for tree-planters along the rail trail, or face-painting at street festivals.  We’ve had our kids in the New Paltz schools, and our members in the New Paltz Rotary Club.   We love the vibrancy of the town, and open-heartedness of the people who live there.


First Chestnut Street Connections, and now The Coffee Bar are attempts to increase that engagement and connection.  This is not a proselytizing project.  We simply want to create a space where community can happen, because that’s what we’re all about.  It’s going to be an elegant and friendly place to relax.  A place to have conversation, pick up a new book, or enjoy some music.  Free wifi will also be available, and students are also welcome to huddle up in a corner and cram for the next test.

As a New Paltz'er myself, i'm sure that The Coffee Bar is sure to be a popular spot in the village, and a welcomed addition to the community.  For more information about The Coffee Bar, visit their facebook page here!

Tim Keiderling
Tim Keiderling

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