The CDC doesn't want you to have fun this holiday season, a.k.a., doesn't want you to eat raw cookie dough.

Food & Wine reports that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is advising, as always, to not eat raw cookie dough. This warning comes during the holiday season as a lot of people make Christmas cookies. While most people associate the risk of eating raw cookie dough with raw eggs, that's really not the big problem.

According to Food & Wine, the major problem with raw cookie dough is the flour, not the eggs. The CDC says that flour is often raw, and hasn't been treated to kill any germs. Raw flour can spread infections like E. coli. The only thing to kill bacteria and germs like this is baking it. Therefore, another reason you should not eat raw cookie dough. Don't worry, Food & Wine reports that raw eggs are still an issue. Raw eggs are known to spread salmonella.

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