Sometimes when you're cruising around YouTube, you find something you want to share with your Hudson Valley friends and neighbors. When I found the Candle Enthusiast, I had that urge. He takes his candle reviews very seriously and his popularity continues to grow. Now with more than 50 videos on his page and thousands of views, episode two has a Hudson Valley connection.

According to the description on his Instagram page, he's a filmmaker turned sommelier turned candle enthusiast and invites people to follow along on his 'in-depth journey into the world of aroma'.

The episode is filmed in what appears to be the Poughkeepsie Galleria and down by the Hudson River. The video features The Candle Enthusiast sampling a new (at the time) scent called 'Crisp Fall Night'. He walks around the mall and films peoples reactions to the scent. At approximately the 15 minute mark in the video, we finally get the payoff, an in depth review of the candle. Even though it's spring, it makes me want to run out and get one.

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