In the 90's, I was like probably every other teenager and watched Beverly Hills 90210.  I probably watched it for a different reason than other because I was obsessed with Jennie Garth but none the less, I watched the show.

The long awaited 'reunion' reboot was back and debuted last night (Wednesday, August 7th) on Fox.  If you watched it, it was a bit confusing but made sense in the end.   I'll watch it again.

I feel that the setting of the show was a little lame though.  Maybe the Hudson Valley would have been a better setting.   Here's why:

  •  Jason Priestly lives in the Hudson Valley because it's close enough to NYC that he can still do his producing but also close to Watkins Glen for when he wants to race cars.  Although, it never mentions him doing that in the premier.
  • Jennie Garth wants to live the small town life but have access to the big city if she needs and moves to Marlboro
  • Tori Spelling decides she needs to be in NYC to make a better life and decides that the Hudson Valley would give her that while living a little under the radar.  Plus, her husband could maybe work for a team in NY.
  • Brian Austin Greene decides that he wants to live in Poughkeepsie because he can be close enough to the spotlight in NYC but also be the stay at home dad that he loves ( or claims he loves)
  • Gabrielle can set up her office in the Hudson Valley and catch a flight from Stewart way quicker.
  • Ian gets divorced and thinks the Hudson Valley would give him a whole new client list.

Ok, I'm reaching but it's not THAT far of a reach when you think about it.

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