I'm not really sure if people burn candles anymore but Yankee Candle is the most known of all candle companies and they released their list of the top 12 scents.

I'm happy to say that a few of my favorites made the list.  One in particular is my wife's favorite and reminds me of when we were first dating and she had the same scent in her Jeep.  That scent is Midsummer Night.

My favorite is probably either Macintosh or Christmas Cookie, both of which made the list.

My mother-in-law loves the Clean Cotton scent and because she burns that almost every time we visit, I could actually do without that smell.

I was expecting seasonal scents to make the top lists but according to their survey, ranking the most popular of the year, Pumpkin Spiced barely made the list.

The full list is HERE

What is your favorite?  I saw a few on-sale at Home Goods.


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