A tough little cat was just reunited with his family after running away over a decade ago.

The last time Tiger was with his parents George W. Bush was president, the first iPhone had just been released and no one had ever even heard of Game Of Thrones. The three-year-old cat ran away from his Hudson Valley Owners and was presumed gone forever. But thanks to a very persistent Dutchess County SPCA worker, Tiger is finally home where he belongs.

Carol O'Connell is a staff member at the DCSPCA who's love of animals extends far beyond her hours working at the shelter. O'Connell noticed a few years ago that there was a very shy, stray cat that would sometimes find his way into her yard. The worker says that it took three years for her to even be able to approach the scared animal, but when she finally made contact she had a hunch that he wasn't just a normal stray.

On a "whim," O'Connell borrowed a microchip scanner from the SPCA and tried it on the stray. What she discovered was amazing. After tracking down the owners, O'Connell learned that the cat belonged to a Hudson Valley family who said their pet went missing 11 years ago.

A checkup by the DCSPCA revealed that the cat was in incredibly good shape for living in the wild for over a decade. After being cleared, Tiger was reunited with his owner, Maggie, on Wednesday. Now, 11 years after being lost, the senior cat is finally back home where he belongs.

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