Does your job has a smell to it?

When something smells bad most of us never forget it, and if you have to go to the place that smells bad everyday to earn a living it can be even worse. Think about it, you walk into a place, or come across someone who smells bad, you can just walk out, or walk away, but when you stuck at work at it smells, you cant just leave.

Those are the jobs that we want to hear about before we award the "smelliest" medal to anybody. So we asked, "What does your job smell like?" It can be the job you have today, or a job that you had at one time in your life. (The winner will be announced below!!)

For me, I worked many years back in the day at various night clubs in the Hudson Valley, and back when people could smoke inside I remember coming home after work and every part of me smelt like an astray. I would take all my clothes off and change and would still STINK! So after work every night I had to strip down and shower because the smell was that bad!!

Will called us to let us know that he does appliance repair and he said, "depending on the days jobs, depends on what I smell like"...LOL! He said the worst is when he has to deal with "stagnate dishwasher water". He explained the smell is something you never forget.

Sharon called and said being a dog groomer has to be one of te smelliest jobs. She told us that she always smelt like a "wet dog" and when she had to deal with a pet that got "skunked" it was even worse.

Shelby texted us, "Back in the late 80's I worked at Royal heart Labs. We breed mice's and rats. We smelled like mice / rat pee. And on Mondays when you came in you had to turn and walk in backwards the smell from it being closed on Sunday would make your eyes water when you came. In. Loved the job but you smelled."

Alicia in Middletown texted, "I was an underwriter for a diesel truck company. I used to come home every day smelling like diesel. My sister also worked there and our husband's called us the diesel twins."

And the award for the smelliest job in the Hudson Valley goes to Glen who texted in, "I’d have to say the worst smelling job I had was being a janitor at a nursing home. There were so many different types of bad smells from human waste to the smell of death was not a pleasant job."

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