If you've remember going to the Danbury Fair way back in the day, or more recently took a trip up north towards Lake George and driven past what was once the Magic Forest this could be something that interests you.

We've talked many times about when we were younger and took family trips to the Magic Forest. You remember the place, right? It was located on Route 9 in Lake George, and boy did it have some amazing GIANT statues in front of it, including Uncle Sam and Paul Bunyan.

The Magic Forest amusement park has since shed those amazing statues since being rebranded as the Lake George Expedition Park, but according to News 10 some of the once-over 700 sculptures that once called the park home are just now resurfacing and could be yours.

Those 700-plus sculptures are currently being auctioned off by the park’s former owner, Jack Gillette, through the Collar City Auction & Realty Management company up in the Albany area.

If the Gillette name sounds familiar, it might be because the Gillette family was a part of the Danbury Fair back in the 1950's. Jack told News 10 that his father and uncle started a carnival together in the 50's and brought it to the Danbury Fair, where it played through the fair’s final years.

Why would anyone want things like this? Gillette said, "It’s different, It means nothing to most people, but for people who went to the fair and loved it, it’s worth its value to them."

As far as some of the items up for bid they include things like, heaters and standard equipment, the auction also features a few "stranger" things including, old theme park legends and some old paint-chipped animals.

If you're interested in bidding on any of the items in this massive auction, it will stay live online until the end of September.

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