Why don't you have a seat right there and watch Chris Hansen catch a dude trying to meet a teen near the Hudson Valley?

Do you remember Chris Hansen? He may have drifted into obscurity in recent years but there was a time when his name was synonymous with justice against perverts who try to prey on children. Hansen made a name for himself in the early 2000s on Dateline NBC for his reports called To Catch a Predator.

He would work alongside local crime-stopper organizations to lure and catch men who may try to have sexual encounters with teenagers. People would pretend to be teenagers, chat with the men online and convince them to come over while their parents were out of town. The men on the other side of the chat didn't know the home was part of a sting operation and that police and news cameras would be waiting for them.

YouTube: True Crime Daily
YouTube: True Crime Daily

The extremely popular show was responsible for catching many predators.

'To Catch a Predator' Connecticut Episode

It seemed like most of the To Catch a Predator reports took place in southern states. The show made a return in 2015 unaffiliated with NBC called Hansen vs Predator. One of the episodes took place not very far from the Hudson Valley. This particular scene features a man who droved from Boston, Massachusetts to Fairfield, Connecticut believing he is going to hang out with a 13-year-old girl.

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This is one of the most bizarre videos in the series as the man is incapable of eating his pizza after he's confronted.

YouTube: True Crime Daily
YouTube: True Crime Daily

It's almost like he doesn't believe he is doing anything wrong.

Check out Chris Hansen in Fairfield, Connecticut just an hour's drive from the Hudson Valley.

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