October 2019, Incubus at Palace Theater in Albany - who knew that the last-minute decision to go to that show would be my last legitimate jam-packed venue concert experience for 22 months.

I sure didn't.

I'm someone who rarely says no to a live show; even if I've never heard of the band or it's not my preferred type of music, live shows fuel me, and so the past year and a half (and then some) have honestly been really difficult for me.

I currently have about $1500 worth of concert tickets sitting in the ticket app on my phone, and this past Friday night, got to put that app to good use and experience my first live show in more than 22 months, and man do I feel revived.

The venue: Fenway Park (yes, I sported some Yankee swag to make sure everyone knew I was a NY'er, that and the fact that I was running my mouth with my 'NY accent' as I was told).

The artist: New Kids on the Block. Before you judge - I was born in the '80s grew up in the heart of the '90's boy band movement, so just let me live.  I've seen NKOTB more times than I should admit, it's a guilty pleasure.

You were able to feel the excitement and buzz in the air walking up to Fenway. Groups of '30/40-somethings' sporting their finest throwback attire, or like me, their old NKOTB shirts, excited to be out of the house (and maybe away from the kids) for the first time in forever.

From the minute the opening DJ act took the stage around 7pm, to after 11pm when Bel Biv DeVoe and New Kids on the Block finished performing to the packed ballpark, I was nowhere but in that moment.  No stress.  No worries.  No drama.  Just singing, and dancing, and maybe a little swooning over my favorite boy band.

It's amazing what live music can do for you, especially after you've been without it for so long.  If you're anything like me, all of these months without a concert or live show had me starving for that experience, and I feel a little bit more human now that I've had it.

Though I'm unsure of the fate of the other upcoming shows I have tickets to, given how things have been going lately, I am thankful that I was able to get one under my belt, and I'm crossing my fingers for more.

Welcome back concerts, I sure have missed you.

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