One of the more popular cooking websites in the past few years put the spotlight on a local Hudson Valley business.

If you're logged into social media then I'm sure you're aware of accounts like Tastemade. Tastemade started in 2012 in Santa Monica California as a video network. They offered quick and easy recipes for us to follow along with at home.

I for one know that a "liked" a ton of Tastemade recipes over the last 5 years.

Tastemade has evolved over the years and now the host a show on their Youtube channel called Dish. The show follows a chef at a local resturaunt as they make one of their signature dishes.

Last week Tastemade featured Fish and Game in Hudson. Chef  Zak Pelaccio discusses the importance of using local products while showing viewers how to make the perfect Lamb shoulder:

Now I know how to make a delicious lamb shoulder and I learned that lambs are one of the signature animals of the Hudson Valley. Who knew?


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