At the end of 2015 Governor Andrew Cuomo decided to set a goal for Taste New York products, he was looking to double the sales from the previous year. With various new additions and expansions that goal was reached in November and there was still plenty of time to rack in more sales before the end of the last quarter. Now with the numbers tallied the Governor excited to announced a record breaking year for Taste NY products, $13.1 million dollars in sales from their stores, cafes, bars, concessions and events.

“Taste NY continues to connect New York’s world-class farmers and food and beverage producers with New Yorkers hungry for locally made goods, as well as those across the nation and around the world who crave the high quality of Empire State-made products," Governor Cuomo said. “These sales numbers are proof positive of Taste NY's success and we will continue investing in this program to help create jobs and spur economic growth in businesses and communities across New York."

Governor Cuomo credited the significant growth the Taste NY program to the increase in consumer demand for local products. Looking to build on the success of 2016 the Governor is looking to further connect New York producers to new markets. In his 2017-2018 Executive Budget Governor Cuomo is proposing additional support for Taste NY at new welcome centers across the State.

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