Breastfeeding is one of the most intimate and healthy things a mother can do with her baby, but it can be difficult at times to find a way or have the privacy.  Especially when you are traveling.  Take for instance, flying.  The busy airport and airport bathrooms aren't the most quiet, intimate places but you would make it work because you didn't have a choice.  Until Now.

According to, New York Port Authority has announced that 28 upgraded nursing suites in it's 4 New York Airports, including New York Stewart International.

Larger airports will see 3 or more suites while those of us that use Stewart will only see 1, this is still a great upgrade.

Each suite will have locking doors, power outlets designed for breast pumps, comfortable seating, room for a stroller and a traveling companion and more.

I read that air travel is down the past few years but this may just help solve some of that problem.

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