It started this morning with a special statement from the National Weather Service. We could expect dense fog and rapidly deteriorating visibility on our commutes into work this morning. It was only supposed to last until 10AM.

Then, as I sat in a meeting this morning looking out the window--yes, I was paying attention; why do you ask?--I noticed that not only was the fog not gone, it seemed to be a little denser. We got another special weather statement from the National Weather Service. More dense fog and poor visibility during the day.

At least it will be gone by the time we have to head home, or so I wished. Unfortunately, that is not to be the case. The National Weather Service has just issued another Special Weather Statement and, this time, it's not only dense fog.

According to the statement, we will have fog for the evening commute and poor visibility, in fact, it could be reduced to under a quarter of a mile at times. Here's the other part, because the temperatures will be dropping to near the freezing mark, this could lead to the development of black ice on some roadways, bridges, or sidewalks.

Please be prepared for rapidly changing conditions this evening into the overnight hours.

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