It's one of the biggest sports weekends in the country. Whether your team made it in or not, it's still a big deal and Americans do a really good job celebrating. Just google super bowl recipes, or recipes for the big game, and see how many entries come up, it's crazy.

Whether you're having a party or going to a party, you know there will be food, all kinds of food and drink, possibly lots of drinks. That's where everyone needs to be smart and use common sense. Have a designated driver or crash on the couch, but don't get behind the wheel after a few too many drinks this weekend, or any weekend for that matter.

Super Bowl Party Food
Lisa F. Young

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo today announced a crack down on drunk driving during the upcoming Super Bowl Weekend. Sobriety checkpoints, increased patrols, and underage drinking enforcement will be in full swing across the Hudson Valley as well as the state. This campaign will be highlighted on message boards throughout our area, including the New York Thruway starting this Friday, February 4 through 4 am Monday, February 6.

While these crackdowns have had a significant impact on reducing the number of drunk or impaired drivers on New York roadways, there are still too many people dying in alcohol or drug related traffic accidents. Before you head out this weekend, or any time you may have a few adult beverages, download the 'Have a Plan' mobile app, which can help you call a taxi or create a designated driver contact list.

By all means have fun, but please be safe too.

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