A tragic accident claimed the life of a snow plow driver during a recent snowstorm.

We've said it numerous times, driving a snow plow truck in the Hudson Valley is an extremely dangerous job!! Every year we hear about serious accidents that happen while drivers are moving snow during a snowstorm, unfortunately, that danger has claimed the life of a Catskill man.

According to a press release from the Greene County Sheriff’s Office, at around midnight on Monday, December 12th, deputies responded to a reported fatal accident at the Essendant Distribution Center located at 12089 Route 9W, in Coxsackie, NY. When deputies arrived on the scene they reported that one truck had collided with another and caught on fire.

Greene County Sheriffs Office/Facebook
Greene County Sheriffs Office/Facebook

The sheriff's office's preliminary investigation stated that a truck was plowing the parking lot of the wholesale distribution center during the weekend snow when it collided with a stationary box trailer that was in the parking lot.

The collision between the truck and the trailer caused the truck to catch on fire.

Plow Driver Killed in Greene County

Tragically the snow plow truck driver, 50-year-old Lamont B. Jackson, of Catskill, was pronounced dead at the scene according to the press release. The sheriff's office's investigation is ongoing and when it's completed we will update this article with any additional information.

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Sharing the Road with Snow Plows

As winter weather becomes more frequent over the next few months let's all do what we can to keep our roads as safe as possible when plow trucks are on Hudson Valley roads.

The Department of Transportation suggests that anytime you are near a plow truck, please don't follow too closely behind a snowplow, they recommend we all stay at least 200 feet behind it. They also recommend never passing a snowplow on the right and never driving through a snow cloud.

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