A real estate sign that was washed away during Hurricane Sandy just showed up in France.

Diane Turton Realtors of Point Pleasant, NJ posted a photo to their Facebook page of one of their rental signs lying on the beach in France. How it got there is a truly incredible story.

The sign was discovered by beachgoer Hannes Frank on the shores of Bordeaux, France. The Diane Turton Realtors sign belonged to the Wall Township branch and was most likely from one of their waterfront listings.  It's believed that the sign was washed away during Hurricane Sandy and made the impossible journey all by itself from the Garden State to France.

The rental sign has been floating in the Atlantic Ocean for five and a half years as it slowly made the trip all the way to Europe. Badly damaged and worn from the surf, the sign was still legible. After some Internet research, the Frenchman was able to contact Diane Turton Realtors and let them know about the incredible find.

After posting the story on their Facebook page, the realty company boasted that they're now truly a "global real estate company."


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