I think out of all the traffic signs that we have to obey, the one that gets ignored the most is definitely the yield sign. So at this point, I really don't see a reason we need to keep them if they're just ignored.

I guess we'll start with what yield actually means. Yield, in the traffic world, means to let other drivers go first. Yes, that means when you encounter a yield sign, you DON'T have the right of way. If you find yourself confused by what you've just read, you're probably a person that I get mad at on a daily basis who failed to acknowledge the yield sign that they just flew past doing 50 m.p.h.

Unfortunately, I have to travel across the Mid-Hudson Bridge to go home each day, and if you know that part of Route 9 surrounding the bridge, you know that it is a nightmare. People come flying around those idiotically planned turns and semi-roundabouts with no regard for other drivers. Luckily, that part of Route 9 may get changed in the near future.

However, seeing how people show no regard for the yield signs that are clearly posted every day, I find myself under the impression that some may be confused as to what a yield sign means. Is it silly for me to think that? Absolutely, of course, by the time you reach adult age, I would hope you understand what yield means, but people prove that wrong every. single. day.

I guess I'm the one that has to inform you, that's fine, I'm up for it if it prevents me from experiencing road rage every day. Just reviewing what we learned when you approach an intersection and you're presented with a yield sign, slow down and look to see if maybe, just maybe there might be another driver coming that has the right away.

This has been a public service announcement from friendly neighborhood radio deejay, Smitty.

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