Google and Uber have been working on self driving cars, but New York state has just approved a trial run for these automated automobiles from an unexpected competitor.

Audi will be the very first company on New York's roadways without a driver when tests begin on June 14th near the capitol in Albany. New York state has a measure within the 2018 budget that allows for a year long testing program. But there are restrictions, a State Police escort must accompany each automated vehicle and a $5 million insurance policy must be placed on each.

According to a press release from Governor Cuomo's office, companies have until April 1st 2018 to conduct their tests before the provision expires. A law requiring one hand to be on the steering wheel at a time had been an obstacle, but part of the measure overrides the law through the testing period.

Chances are you don't own a company that produces automated cars. But you can take a look at the application right here if you like.

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