One of the Hudson Valley's most historic theaters is offering a night you truly will never forget.

The Tarrytown Music Hall is over 130 years old and is bursting with history...dare we say, haunted history? According to Wikipedia in 1980, the historic music hall was listed as a National Historic Site, but that's not why guests are heading to the venue late at night.  Haunted History Trail of New York reports some unusual happenings around the theater. The explain:

Unexplained happenings and paranormal activity have been experienced at this 136-year-old historic theater. Lights mysteriously turning back on after closing. The eerie sound of an unknown singer performing vocal scales in the wings after hours. High-profile artists refusing to stay in one particular dressing room because they “sensed a presence

While a little unnerving, the staff at The Tarrytown Music Hall says they respect the unusual guests who've stayed behind writing on their website "We have great respect and reverence for our spirits and invite you to join us as we learn and discover more about them."

If you were at all intrigued by the bone chilling explanation above, then why not explore on one of the Ghost Tours and Paranormal Investigation hosted at the lower-Hudson Valley location?

Not only will you unbox the history and stories behind the alleged ghosts that still roam the halls, but you may even have a spirited encounter of your own. According to Haunted History Trail, Gotham Paranormal visited The Tarrytown Music Hall in 2019 and left with a handful of evidence such as "intriguing EVP (electronic voice phenomena) audio files and EMF (electromagnetic field) readings."

The Tarrytown Music Hall hosts ghost tours throughout the year and more information can be found regarding dates and times at

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