Yikes.....not something you'd like to run into while swimming. I was looking on Facebook the other day and came across a post that reminded me of something straight out of a scary film. It took me a second to really see what was going on, but some kind of frightening creature was hiding under a rock in one Hudson Valley pond. ICK....

L. Jean
L. Jean

What exactly is going on in the pond?

The pond is located in Putnam County and the owner mentioned that the koi fish she keeps in the pond have gone missing, odd. She also said that she thinks the snake has been the culprit of the missing fish and has been trying to figure out what kind of snake has been living there.

More snake information:

There's been a lot of snake sightings in the Hudson Valley recently, but the owner of the property mentioned that she wanted to make sure it's not poisonous. In the picture, it does look pretty creepy with its head sticking out from under the rock, yuck. Of course, it should go without saying but we always have to give the reminder not to hurt any snake or wildlife here in the Hudson Valley.

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