Baaaa! Anyone missing their flock? Police were called to a report of sheep on a main route in New York state Thursday. WROC is saying that sixteen sheep escaped a trailer and then made their down the off ramp to I-81 in a rather brazen escape. There is no word exactly the flock of sheep got out of the vehicle, but police were soon called to reports of  an animal complaint near the town of Homer, NY.

WROC says the breakaway was short lived however, as the flock was soon corralled at a residence on Route 90. Officials from several departments were able to bring the escapees back to the trailer without incident. Crisis averted.

These sort of escapes don't just happen in isolated rural areas however. In March, a small white goat was spotted roaming the side of a busy highway in Queens. With the goat potentially facing danger, one good samaritan thankfully pulled over and recused the animal. UPI says the person brought the animal into the NYPD's 63rd Precinct, and was then later brought to animal care facility in New York City. It appears, according to their Facebook page, they've given the goat the name of Capricorn.

You may not associate the area around New York City with wild or escaped animals on the loose, but it does happen more often than you think. In late December 2020, two pot belly pigs got loose near Baisley Pond Park. Back in June 2020, a peacock was caught by police roaming through traffic in Crown Heights near the Eastern Parkway. The bird had escaped from Prospect Park Zoo, which had been closed at the time, due to COVID-19.

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