Still thinking that you can do something as normal as head into your local pharmacy to pick up a prescription or get a vaccination? Maybe even get a COVID test? Well, technically you can still get those services at most pharmacy locations throughout the State of New York, but one thing has temporarily changed. 

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What has changed? Rite Aid locations are requiring you to make an appointment for all vaccinations through their website, plus they have changed their hours, reducing them slightly to allow for employees to stock and clean the pharmacy.

Here is what Rite Aid said via email. to their customers:

Rite Aid, like many businesses across the country, continues to face supply chain issues and labor shortages while we work hard to get our communities immunized against COVID-19 and the seasonal flu. We want to ensure that we’re here for our customers when you need us the most, while balancing the well-being of our pharmacy staff who show up every day to serve our customers.

In order to meet these needs, we will temporarily close most of our pharmacies 1 hour early, Monday through Friday. This will allow our pharmacy teams to catch up from the day and prep for the next. We’re giving our teams the time they need to get their work done so you have exactly what you need, when you need it.

Will this mean changes for other pharmacies across the state? Possibly. It is always best to double-check with each location for their hours and to see if they have made any changes, like making appointments in advance. Stay healthy, stay safe.

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