He was last spotted in Orange County.

It looks like the town of Washingtonville, in Orange County is dealing with a real life Grinch that has been reportedly causing some problems in the small town.

The Washingtonville Community Events page has been following the story for the last few days and have posted video of the Christmas gift stealing Grinch creating havoc on town streets...

The folks in Washingtonville have asked residents to please report any sightings to the local police and they want to make sure to remind everyone, that if you see something, please say something.

One of the local reporters in Washingtonville caught up with local law enforcement to talk about the Grinch sightings and durning the interview things got a little crazy with a high speed chase and all.

Take a look....

Police also warned that if you do happen to come across this "green thing", do not attempt to apprehend on your own as it is rumored that he could be dangerous.

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