I know, I know, this title makes no sense. How can you help your community by pretending to be sick? It's a valid question.

After all, when was the last time you pretended to be sick? Probably when you were in school. You would never pretend to be sick to get out of work, right? I didn't think so. Just in case I'm wrong about that, let's put those acting skills to good use.

On February 28, Vassar Brothers Medical Center in Poughkeepsie will conduct an 'OUREx' exercise to test their capabilities in the event of an emergency. Where do you fit in? The hospital is looking for volunteers to be willing to pretend they've come down with an illness, say the flu, for about three hours.

For your acting abilities, and willingness to put yourself on the line to help your community, at the end of the exercise, all of the volunteers will receive a voucher for a free lunch in the Vassar Brothers Cafeteria.

If you're interested, call 845-431-6829 and ask to speak with Lisa Corcoran

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