Police officers across the country participate in traffic stops daily, however, that is where the routine ends as traffic stops can quickly turn into something else, as was the case in Poughkeepsie last Friday.

Police lights by night

City of Poughkeepsie Police found themselves in the middle of an on-foot pursuit of a suspect following a traffic stop in Poughkeepsie on Friday night (03/03/2023).

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From Traffic Stop to In Pursuit in Poughkeepsie

The incident on Friday night in Poughkeepsie occurred near the vicinity of South Clinton Street. When Poughkeepsie Police stopped the suspect, Poughkeepsie resident Savon Bagby, he attempted to flee the scene.

After the brief chase, police apprehended Bagby and transported him to police headquarters for processing before arraignment.

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During the chase, Bagby attempted to dispose of a firearm he was in possession of. The firearm was in fact loaded. After conducting an investigation, police determined that the weapon had been reported stolen in the state of Virginia.

Following being taken into custody, Bagby was charged with...

criminal possession of a weapon, firearm and stolen property.

The Suspect's Past and Implications for the Current Case

Mr. Bagby, the individual at the center of this event is not someone who is unfamiliar with law enforcement or the legal system. At the time of this arrest, it was discovered that Bagby was currently on parole for his previous involvement in a massive bust by local law enforcement where 30 gang members including Bagby were arrested and charged for numerous different crimes associated with the possession of narcotics and firearms. According to the US Department of Justice, he huge operation was carried out by numerous members of our local law enforcement here in the Hudson Valley, including...


FBI’s Hudson Valley Safe Streets Task Force, the City of Poughkeepsie Police Department, the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office, the Dutchess County Drug Task Force, and the Dutchess County District Attorney’s Office.


Each of the 30 individuals arrested in the operation all pled guilty and were sentenced to serve various amounts of time behind bars, including Bagby who was sentenced to serve 50 months.

The activities carried out by the gangs occurred between the years 2012-2017. While serving out his sentence, Bagby had an additional year in prison added to his sentence after being found to be in possession of two sharpened metal rods, referred to as "shanks".

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Old abandoned prison/jail in Illinois, USA.

This massive operation highlighted the rivalry and gang warfare between the 'Uptown' and 'Downtown' gangs in Poughkeepsie, which resulted in numerous shootings and two reported deaths. One of those deaths, reported by Hudson Valley Post, was of Caval Heylett an 18-year high school basketball star, who was killed while attending a barbeque in 2016.


Police Efforts to Crack Down on Local Crime

In this most recent event according to News12, Savon Bagby's arrest is just a continued effort by local law enforcement to stop crime here in the Hudson Valley. In recent months numerous police investigations have resulted in the arrests of numerous criminals while at the same time taking numerous amounts of weapons and drugs off the streets.

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