Let the countdown begin! Halloween is a few weeks away and if you're looking for a fun trip with the family head out to Poughkeepsie.

Spooky Family Fun in Dutchess County

Hudson Valley natives, the Dellamura family, is fairly new to their Poughkeepsie New York home but they are making quite the splash with their Haunted Graveyard Halloween set up on their front lawn. I recently came across a TikTok from Kayla Dellmura on Facebook of her extravagant Halloween display and I had to know more.

@kayla.dell I think we’re most proud of making these babies this Halloween #halloween #halloweenlook #halloweendecor #diyhalloween #skeleton #outdoorhalloweendecor ♬ RAMPAGE - GRAVEDGR

We reached out to Kayla who filled us in on all the spooky fun her family is bringing to her Poughkeepsie neighborhood. She tells us that this is only their 2nd year decorating adding "way to make a statement right?"

Welcome to The Poughkeepsie Haunted Graveyard!

Like most haunted attractions the Dellmura lawn has a theme. This year? The Haunted Graveyard. Kayla explains her thought processes saying:

There’s always so many cool new props that are released every year that we end up loving and just HAVE to get but are hard to mesh in with everything else we have so we figured anything could be in a haunted graveyard, right? We like to switch up our pose-able skeletons and what they’re doing in the display. This year they’re the graveyard workers doing different tasks. Even though picking a specific theme is difficult the recent addition to our display has definitely opened the portal to a really cool theme for next year!

As for her favorite decoration, that has to be the "vomiting toxic waste skeletons." They are a new addition to the Dellmura display and are "100%  homemade" which makes them all the more special.

Kayla Dellamura
Kayla Dellamura

Visit The Poughkeepsie, NY Haunted Graveyard Display

Dellmura said that they light up their lawn at 5 pm every night and let the spooky fly until 11 pm adding they live on a culdesac and encourage people to park and take a closer look.

The Haunted Graveyard is located at 45 Kerr Road in Poughkeepsie. On Halloween weekend, October 29th and 30th, Dellamura will be outside handing out candy to families that stop by from 6 pm until 9 pm.

Will the Haunted Graveyard Turn into a Holiday Wonderland in Poughkeepsie?

Will the Dellamura family go all out for the holiday season? Of course...and with a Halloween twist. Kayla says "Our 15ft Santa is one of the many things to make a debut for our Christmas display at the end of November! Last year we even kept one of our 12ft skeletons out and dressed him up for the holidays."

Do you have a favorite Halloween display? What about Christmas? Let us know through the station app or on Facebook.

Poughkeepsie, NY Family Turns Front Yard into 'Haunted Graveyard' For Halloween 2022

This Poughkeepsie, NY culdesac has taken a hauntingly fun turn. Where is your favorite Halloween decoration display?

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