A popular Hudson Valley dentist has passed away suddenly.

On Monday July 24th the staff at Pine Street Dental, in Kingston, took to Facebook to share the heartbreaking news that one if their dentists, Dr. Bruce Hottum passed away. Hottum, 63, had worked at the Pine Street Dental office for 31 years and was an expert in his field.

The Associated Press is reporting that Hottum passed away while scuba diving in England.

Dr. Hottum was a part of a U.S.-based organization that would search for American servicemen who had gone missing during World War II. According to the Associated Press, Hottum's dental partner believes he was exploring wreckage from a WW II plane crash when he passed.

The police in Kent, England reported to a scene at the waterfront in Ramsgate where they were told a diver had collapsed. The diver, who was later confirmed to be Dr. Hottum, was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Dr. Bruce Hottum leaves behind his wife Peggy and three sons. An investigation of his death is underway.

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