What's your favorite cookie? There's such a wide variety of delicious options.

From oatmeal raisin to chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodle and more, it can be difficult to choose just one. Some of the holiday cookies that only come out once a year are worth waiting for. However, what if your favorite holiday cookies didn't exist anymore or were limited?

Consumers are upset and angry in regard to the downsizing of popular holiday cookies. This announcement took over social media and fans of this holiday cookie shared their opinion.

A Popular Cookie Company Has Downsized Their Portions For The Holidays


Whether it's a tradition that gets carried down through generations or something that recently started, it probably is special and means a lot to the people who enjoy them.

Holiday cookies are something that my family and I have always shared throughout many years. Whether they were ones that were locally made, shipped in from the manufacturer or ones that we picked up at a store, it was tradition.

A Popular Cookie Company May Be Breaking Family Traditions  This Year

Allison Kay
Allison Kay

Some of my favorite holiday cookies can only be found during December, the holiday season. I love the Oreo Sandwich Cookies White Fudge Covered that come out once a year.

I also love the Little Dutch Boy's Christmas Cookies. However, they left out an entire row of cookies this year.

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At first, I was wondering if there were only 2 rows but I knew that I always had the option of choosing cookies from 3 rows. In fact, that would mean that 3 popular cookies were indeed missing. I quickly searched this online and came across other loyal fans who were also shocked.

Little Dutch Boy Has Downsized Their Products For The Holiday Season

Have you ever had these cookies before? Here are some comments that fellow cookie lovers mentioned.

"I got some today, and noticed there is only 2 rows now, instead of 3. Sadly we loose 12 cookies. The price went up 25 cents. "


"I am so sad. Went to purchase these cookies today, because I look forward to them every year at this time. I so disappointed that a row is missing?"


"The pink cookie is also missing. I know it's a small thing in the whole scheme of things but I'm really disappointed. Probably a cost cutting measure for the company, but I'd rather pay more to have all my favorites."

Consumers are confused about why there is an entire row missing from their favorite Christmas cookies. It seems that no one has gotten an answer yet to this mystery of the holiday season.

What's your favorite holiday cookie? Share with us below.

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