This isn't something you want to be near when you're on the highway. A police chase, which began at the Palisades Mall and ended up on the NYS Thruway, saw speeds where the suspect allegedly topped over 130 m.p.h.

Guy Busted Going Over 130 MPH

NBC says the whole ordeal started in early July. On July 8, the suspect allegedly fled Clarkstown Police in a 2014 black Mustang Shelby and got away.

The night of July 10, a vehicle matching that description was seen pulling out of the parking garage at the Palisades Mall. Police say they followed the Mustang on to the Thruway, only to see the vehicle speed away at speeds in excess of 130 m.p.h. Police also say the car could be seen weaving in and out of the lanes, and even driving on the shoulder.

Given the extreme nature of the getaway, police backed off to avoid danger to the public. However, they had the license plate number and tracked the car all the way to the Bronx. That's when they arrested the 23 year-old suspect, who is said by police to be part of a group of street racers in Nanuet.

Clarkstown Police say the suspect has been charged with reckless endangerment, unlawful fleeing a police officer and nine traffic infractions.


According to, penalties for going over 30 MPH the posted speed limit can result in fines up to $600, and can result in up 11 points on your license. That is also not mention surcharges and possibly having to enroll in driver responsibility classes.

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