The power of Christ compels you! Police are ready to respond to just about any sort of disturbance on any given day. But even veteran officers were not expecting to have to respond to a call quite like this. The incident reportedly happened at the Home Depot store Monday afternoon that's understandably left some folks baffled. Were demonic forces at work at the local lumber aisle?

WBRE/WYOU is reporting that officials were notified to reports of "bad behavior" going on at the Home Depot outside Scranton, Pennsylvania. Sounds kind of vague, right? What do they mean by bad behavior? The details are still a bit scarce, but reports indicate that an exorcism was said to have been taking place right there at the home improvement chain store. What makes the case even more bizarre is that this attempted expulsion of dark forces and spirits was not being performed on another human. In fact, Penn Live says it was being performed on some trees that had been turned to lumber. Be gone, evil pine!

Had the trees committed some sort of mortal sin and were being cleansed of their wrong doing? Perhaps this "bad behavior" we heard about was just some young people messing around and filming a social media prank? It's probably a whole lot of nothing going on. However, tree spirits and deities are recognized in other cultures around the world. Maybe someone sensed an evil in their big stack of wood and it needed to be handled? Or maybe people have just lost their minds? Police were able to break up the exorcism and escorted the people involved out of the store without further incident. Penn Live says that no charges have been filed.

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